Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beer #4

Beer #4:

Beer: Victory Golden Monkey
Style: Triple Ale
Brewery: Victory Brewing Co
Region: Downington, PA
Vol: 9.5%, 12 fl oz. (Holy crap, it did not taste this strong! That's why I was feeling the buzz after just one)
Taste: Crisp and flavorful. You get a mouthful of aromatic fruits and spices. Don't let the horrendous label trick you, this beer is surprisingly amazing.
Rating: 4/5

Beer #3

Only beer #3 and I got a repeat. This is the same beer I had previously. Lame! But wait, it's the beer I!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Xmas Beer Calendar Begins!!!

This is my third annual beer advent calendar blog. Yes, third year and I find myself lazier and lazier about it, or perhaps busier and busier. In any case, I was already one day behind when I started. 

Just a quick refresh, beer advent calendar started with my friend Linnea's brilliant idea about drinking a beer a day before Christmas. She's a big Christmas person, and also a huge lover of beer. What a perfect combo huh? She imported this idea to the US from Sweden and it caught on quick like Californian summer forest fires. What we do is buy 24 beers per person; it can be 4 different 6 packs, 2 dozen variety cases, 24 different beers, or any mix and match combo per person. Then we come together with beers all wrapped up and do a little beer exchange party before december. At the end of the exchange, hopefully, we all get 24 different bottles of beer. So on december first you open up your first surprise bottle of beer and drink up, and so forth each day. The best thing is the surprise random beer you get each day. Wait, only 24 beers? What about Christmas day??? That's the best part. You buy one special bottle for yourself and save it for last. 

We've lost a few participates along the way, but recruited a few more. In a way this has become an annual tradition and the fire will definitely burn on.

Now for my first Christmas beer of the year, actually the first beer, but on the second are the details:

Beer #1:

Beer: Pipeline
Style: Ale
Brewery: Kona Brewing Co
Region: Hawaii
Vol: 5.3%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Robust and sort of nutty, it's got a very distinct coffee taste. Very good stuff for the first ever Christmas beer of the year. 
Rating: 4/5

As I mentioned, I am already a day behind, but I'm drinking two beers today for December 2nd. Here is beer #2:

Beer #2: 
Beer: Prohibition Speak Easy
Style: Ale
Brewery: Speakeasy Ales & Lagers
Region: San Francisco, Cali
Vol: 6.1%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Smooth and hoppy, this is a medium bodied beer that goes down well. Refreshingly good with a hint of citrus, and extremely drinkable. I will definitely have this as an everyday beer.
Rating: 4.5/5