Saturday, December 31, 2011

Xmas Beer 2011 Finale: Day 21-25

I have totally been slacking about updating this beer blog this year. But I want to finish this year strong and complete this before the end of the year. As you will see, my descriptions have become really really lazy. All I'm concerned about is if the beer taste good or not, and I've had a fantastic collection of beers this year. Cheers to a successfully competed beer advent calendar :)

Day 25

Beer: Cuvee de Noel St. Feuillien
Style: Belgium Special Ale
Brewery: St-Feuillen Brewery
Region: Le Roeulx, Belgium
Vol: ??%, 1 PT 9.4 fl oz. (750 ml)
Taste: All I can remember was that I was very very good :)
Rating: 5/5   


Day 24

Beer: Fullers Organic Honey Dew
Style: Golden Ale
Brewery: Fuller Smith and Turner
Region: England
Vol: 5%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Very sweet and strong honey taste. If you like honey, this is the beer for you!
Rating: 3.5/5    

Day 23

Beer: Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome
Style: Ale
Brewery: The Old Brewery
Region: England
Vol: ??%, 1 PT 2.7 fl oz.
Taste: Extremely flavorful, and tasty
Rating: 5/5  

Day 22

Beer: Alley Cat
Style: Amber Ale
Brewery: Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
Region: Eureka, CA
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Good!
Rating: 4/5 

Day 21

Beer: Turbodog
Style: Dark Brown Ale
Brewery: Abita Brewing Co
Region: Abita Springs, LA
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Dark, bold, chocolatey, toffee taste
Rating: 4/5

Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 6-20

I have been so behind in updating this blog!!! (I am actually drinking my day 21st beer right now as I update this). I wrote everything down in my trusty yellow notebook, just never had the chance to transcribe it into my bloggy blog. Not that anyone ever reads this. But it serves as a diary and my own beer reference. 

I'm still a day or two behind, but here's the latest catch-up/update in backwards order. Here we go!

Day 20

Beer: Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale
Style: Ale with natural flavor added
Brewery: Anderson Valley Brewing Co
Region: Boonville, CA
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: GOOD! for a canned beer. (I'm super descriptive on this one!)
Rating: 4/5


Day 19

Beer: Pumpkin Ale
Style: Ale
Brewery: Buffalo Bill's Bewery (Hey, this guy again! Same Brewery as my fav. Alimony Ale)
Region: ??
Vol: 5.2%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Extremely fizzy, sweet and very pumpkiny. I guess if you like pumpkin, you'll like this beer.
Rating: 3/5

Day 18

Beer: Kingfisher
Style: Lager
Brewery: United Breweries Limited
Region: Bangalore, India
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Light, enjoyable and refreshing
Rating: 3.5/5


Day 17

Beer: Ellie's Brown Ale
Style: Ale
Brewery: Avery Brewing Co
Region: Boulder, Colorado
Vol: 5.5%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Light Ale, very drinkable. (I think I'm getting lazy on the descriptions now)
Rating: 4/5

Day 16

Beer: Woody Creek White
Style: Belgian Style Wit Beer
Brewery: Flying Dog (Seasonal) Brewery
Region: Frederick, MD
Vol: 4.8%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Uh oh! I didn't write anything down for this guy. I guess I'll have to drink it again!
Rating: blank

Day 15

Beer: Fire Rock
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: Kona Brewing Co
Region: Hawaii
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Good and drinkable. (I guess I didn't have much more to say about this guy except it's good, haha)
Rating: 4/5


Day 14

Beer: Firestone PALE (31)
Style: California Pale Ale
Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Region: California
Vol: 4.8%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Very smokey and malty with a slight tingly, hoppy aftertaste. Complex yet smooth. This is what good beer is about. Lots of flavor and no bitter watery taste.
Rating: 5/5


Day 13
Beer: Serria Nevada Celebration Ale
Style: Ale
Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Region: Chico, CA
Vol: 6.8%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Very hoppy and tingly with a lot of flavors and aromas. It's one of those holiday good stuff :)
Rating: 4.5/5

Day 12

Beer: Primo
Style: Lager
Brewery: Primo Brewing & Malt Co.
Region: Honolulu, Hawaii
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Very light, watery and drinkable.
Rating: 3/5

Day 11

Beer: Holy GRAIL
Style: Ale
Brewery: Black Sheep Brewery
Region: Rechester, NY
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Light bodied, very easy to drink but not exciting.
Rating: 3/5

Day 10

Beer: He'Brew Messiah Bold
Style: Dark Brown Ale
Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company
Region: Saratoga Springs, NY
Vol: ??%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Dark, a bit of fruity notes. But not overly strong. (I guess I didn't have much to say about this guy)
Rating: 3.5/5


Day 9

Beer: Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale
Style: Ale
Brewery: Blue Moon Brewing Co
Region: Colorado, USA
Vol: 5.6%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Sensationally refreshing. I guess I am a bit biased today because I just came out of a hot shower into my warm heated room, and this cold beer really hit the spot! Malty, bit of hop, not overwhelmingly bitter, and some hints of winter spices. Super~
Rating: 3.75/5

Day 8

Beer: Alimony Ale
Style: IPA
Brewery: Buffalo Bill's Brewery
Region: Seattle, WA. Portland, OR. Berkeley, CA.
Vol: 6%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Woah, amazing shit after I tried the Red Horse Beer (and this really was right after!). Super flavorful, with lots of spices and hops. I was getting a bit drunk from the previous bad beer without food in stomach. But this one woke up my taste buds again. Incredible and Love! (perhaps I was a bit drunk when writing this in my notebook)
Rating: 5/5


Day 7

Beer: Red Horse Beer
Style: Lager
Brewery: San Miguel Brewery Inc.
Region: Manila, Philippines
Vol: 7%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Interesting, this is the first time I've had Filipino beer. Taste isn't impressive. You get an initial taste of bitterness, and then it's very watery and bland. I am ready for my next beer!
Rating: 1/5


Day 6

Beer: Liberty Ale
Style: Ale blend
Brewery: Anchor Brewing Co.
Region: San Francisco, CA, USA
Vol: 5.9%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Another wonderful stuff from Anchor Brewing. Very smooth and easy to drink. Anchor never fails :)
Rating: 4/5

Monday, December 5, 2011

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 5

First of all, I love Anchor Steam! I got superly happy when I unwrapped this bottle tonight. Another score :)

Beer: Our Special Ale 2011
Style: Ale blend
Brewery: Anchor Brewing Co.
Region: San Francisco, CA, USA
Vol: 5.5%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: At first glance, the dark, dark color throws it off. I thought it would be bitter and robust, but it's mild, pleasant and extremely drinkable. After all, it's an ale. I like the idea of this being a limited edition beer that you can only get late November thru early January. Makes it more special, well, at least marketing-wise. It's actually not an overly unique beer. A bit of holiday fruits and spices in the taste. This Anchor Brewery recipe is top-secret every year, so I took it upon myself to investigate the ingredients from other people's blogs and review sites. I found out in addition to the fruits and spices, there's also nutmeg and possible toffee or cocoa in here...very Christmasy!
Rating: 4/5

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 4

Beer: Eight-Ball Stout
Style: Sweet Stout
Brewery: Lost Coast Brewery
Region: Eureka, California, USA
Vol: 5.9%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: A big chocolatey mouthful with a fruity sweet finish. Not very bitter and very easy to drink. It's definitely not an everyday drink for me since I am not a crazy fan of chocolate. But this definitely is a unique blend that deserves praise.
Rating: 4/5

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 3

Another Score! Stone Brewery never disappoints.

Beer: Stone Pale Ale
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: Stone Brewery
Region: Escondido, San Diego, USA
Vol: 5.4%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Perfect for everyday. It's crisp, bitter, aromatic and refreshing.
Rating: 4/5

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 2

It's only the second beer day and I'm already scoring! This one is amazing.

Beer: Storm King
Style: Imperial Stout
Brewery: Victory
Region: Downingtown, PA, USA
Vol: 9.1%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Stouts are very dark strong beers. This one is robust, deep malty, a bit hoppy bitter but not overwhelming. The first thing I noticed is the beautiful thick head. I like to drink out of a glass, because it's classy that way. But seriously, I need to get the different type of glasses for beer.
Rating: 5/5

Xmas Beer 2011: Day 1

It's that time of the year again. Yes, this is one of my favorite months out of the year (second only to my birthday month). It's beer month! I never really get excited about Xmas until probably the week before Xmas. But this year, I'm super elated because beer gives me a reason to enjoy the whole month of December. Everyday up to December 25th I will unwrap, drink and rate a different bottle of beer. Seems like most of the beer we got this year are American craft. I. AM EXCITED.

Here we go again :)

Day 1

Beer: Blue Moon Belgian White
Style: Witbier (Belgian Style White Ale)
Brewery: Coors Brewing Company
Region: Colorado, USA
Vol: 5.4%, 12 fl oz.
Taste: Light, crisp and not very wheaty. Overall it's a good everyday beer, but not overwhelmingly unique.
Rating: 3/5