Monday, November 2, 2009

Shameless Promotion :D

My first book collaboration with Ardy B. is finally published.

You can own a copy of your very own thru

or thru me (just send me an email)!
Here are the details:
Price: $15
Premium Paper
40 pages
7x7 inches
Rated G (Good for all ages)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More! posters.

More posters today! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to make a gruesome poster. Somehow the thought of combining an arm with a tree trunk merged in my brain and resulted in this disturbing image. I actually really really enjoy making horror posters! I'm sure there will be more in the near future.

I'm also making a mystical pie poster for my awesome pie maker friend. She gave me her vision and I'm trying to make it come alive. It's also good practice for when I have real clients:) although i am treating her like a real client now. This makes unemployment fun ^_^

It's still a work in progress.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I really enjoy making posters. And since I got a lot of free time these days, I decided to make movie posters! Hence boredom + free time = this thing

The book.

I finally finished the book I've been working on with ABC. It took several months in the making. What came out of two crazy senseless minds is this wonderfully innocent picture book that breaks down the complications of life into the most basic simple answers. On Sunday, October 25th, 2009 the final revisions were made and the book was submitted for publishing. Oh, I can't wait for the printed book to arrive. Let the anticipation begin!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday I got back to my roots by doodling Chinese characters for fun. It took me back to when I was 9 and learning Chinese calligraphy....ah good times.....But instead of brush and ink and 75 year old tutor, it was pen, pencil, sketch pad, tracing paper, ruler, pandora radio, and free time. Quite different, but the principles still applied. I decided to come up with fun and interesting words to write in chinese. Thus I came up with these fresh new designs. And one that describes the current state i'm in...

There will certainly be more chinese character graphic tees to come!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Chapter

I am finally back in LA...well, I've been back for a week now. It took a little while to get reacquainted with life back home and also spending time with the brother while he was here. But today is the day that I christen as the official first day of a new chapter in my life! I actually made up a schedule the day before that included waking up early, yes, early for someone who has no job, no school, no plans.

To my own surprise, I got up at 7:30am today and started learning Adobe Flash. It wasn't long before I got back to the groove of things. After two hours of that, it was my scheduled time to browse for graphic design jobs online. I realize a lot of the desirable jobs (at least my desired jobs) are with apparel companies. I had no portfolio pieces to show for that! So before sending out resumes left and right, I decided to make some of my own designs on shirts for my portfolio. OMG, it was so much fun **nerd moment**. I haven't designed like this since my days in design school. Ok, that was only two-three months ago. But it felt great to be productive again. Absolutely! Time flew by when I'm in this flow. Lunch went by quick and it was back to designing and a bit of resume sending. And today I finally backed up my computer. It's just a liberating feeling to delete a ton of old files and clean up this lil old lap top of mine. But aside from the qeeky nerdy things, I did manage to fit in a decent exercise session with a good friend. Night finished off with more designing and, ofcourse, blogging.

I realized while chatting with a friend today that tomorrow will be exactly one year since I moved here to the west side. And also tomorrow is the 49th day of my dad's death (it's a significant number for the Chinese). So unrealizing these coincidences, christening today as a new chapter is quite appropriate. It's just so good to be back. To come back to good friends, adorable cats, comfy bed, nice climate, and Horse Illustarted magazines. Seriously, I don't know why, but I'm subscribed to Horse's rather disturbing...

Some T-shirt designs from today.

Exhausting climb up the Baldwin Hills Stairs...but the view was amazing.

I really don't have a clue...

I think I will finish the night off with a little toast...

Oct. 20th 2009. 12:11AM

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where It Started

Last Saturday we paid a visit to the place where it all started. The first thing I noticed was a large warning sign at the entrance of the beach. It looked very old and rusted, but nonetheless it was very clear. It warned people of the dangers and deaths of this beach. Despite this sign, there were still surfers and little children at this beach.

No further did we walk down the sand we saw the rocks where they found my uncle's body. It was so close. So close to the entrance. My uncles who went for the search that day pointed to a distant spot out into the ocean and said that was where the helicopter found my dad. His body had drifted so far out. We decided to walk to the spot where they pulled my dad's body out of the water. It was a 0.8 mile walk on the sand.

All along the walk we noticed a graveyard of logs on the sand. It was washed up ashore from the devastating August 8th Typhoon in Mid and Southern Taiwan. The debris made its way all the way up to this northern most tip of Taiwan. All thru the walk we noticed there were debris in the ocean still making it's way up. It's been a month and a half since the typhoon. I can only speculate how much drifting logs were around when my dad and uncle were here. I can only speculate how these logs may play a part in their deaths.

we noticed a lot of these fellows washed up ashore, dead.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We had a double funeral for my dad and uncle on September 24th. Traditional funerals takes lots of time and formalities. The night before the funeral we had a prayer ceremony from 9pm to midnight. While we prayed, my dad and uncle's bodies were being prepped for the casket. We decided it's best not to see them before the caskets closed, that it's best to remember them for who they were when they were alive and healthy.

After the ceremony, we had to stay up all night keeping the incense lite. Some went home to sleep, some took turns sleeping a couple hours each, and some stayed up all night. It was an exhausting evening. But it was also a bonding experience with the family.

By 6:30am people slowly gathered at the outdoor lot were we had a temporary tent set up for the funeral reception. At 7:30am we started the family reception. By 8:30am we started the public reception.

At 9am, my uncle's coffin took off on his dream car, the Cadillac, for the mountains to be buried.
At 1pm, my dad's coffin took off on the same car to be cremated. By 7pm we carried my dad's urn to his final resting place where he is at peace now.

The tent where we had the funeral reception. It was split into three separate areas, the first is where the reception was held, the middle is where the coffin laid, and the last area is where the prayer ceremony was held the night before.

Instead of flowers, some people choose to give canned drinks (I think this is a Taiwanese thing)

The tower where my dad rests now.

View from my dad's place. On a clear day, you can see the ocean.

Culver City Lotus Burn

While we were busy making lotuses and paper money in Taiwan, friends from half way around the world in Culver City gathered together on Sept 20th for a Lotus burning tribute to my dad and uncle. Thank you Andy for arranging this and every dear friend who went.

Below are the wonderful pictures taken from friends:

(photo by Deborah)

(photo by Deborah)

(photo by Deborah)

(photo by Deborah)

(photo by Deborah)

(photo by Mika)

(photo by Jim)

(photo by Jim)

(photo by Jim)

(photo by Jim)

(photo by Leo)

(photo by Leo)

(photo by Leo)